Simply Cats

Terence Koh’s exhibition artworks link

Calling all Cat Lovers!

Presenting Simply Cats, a group art exhibition by 3 local artists; Chong Li Sze, Ng Ling Tze and Terence Koh. Armed with different perspective and approach, yet with a common subject in mind… CATS!!

Chong Li Sze, who is afraid of all 4-legged animals by nature, takes her stand to visualize her interpretation of the joyous relationship between cats and their human companions.

Ng Ling Tze, who is a cat fanatic and painter, has been mainly painting our feline friends for the past years. Her whimsical works and themes mostly relates to the well being of cats, and vengeance of the animal abuse we read about a lot in news. She fantasizes a utopia where all cats can have peaceful lives uninterrupted by humans.

Terence Koh, owner of 3 cats, is often fascinated by their vastly different and funny behaviors and habits. Thus using what he sees daily to fuel his ideas and imagination into his works.

So don’t hesitate, join us and immerse yourself into the world of cats! Meow!