2016 Asia Illustrations

亞洲插畫協會主辦、台中市政府、文化部 指導的《2016亞洲插畫年度大賞》將在台中文創園區-雅堂館舉辦,活動期間為2016年7月20日至8月31


[2016 Asian illustrations annual awards]
Asian Illustrations Association, Taichung City Government, The Ministry of Culture guidance [2016 Asian illustrations annual awards] will be in Taiwan Chinese Creative Park-Nga Cathedral Museum, during the event held for 2016 years from 20th July to 31th August 2016.
[2016 Asian illustrations annual awards] for a cross-Football across Asia’s annual event, the works on display include Taiwan 116 creators and trans-Asia region includes China, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand… Waiting for a total of 9 countries 252 Illustrator, more than 1250 creative involved in large-Scale exhibition of international.
Exhibition Works Style Multi-Rich, trans-Asian countries top illustrator included international renowned virtual singer ” Hatsune Miku ” Siomidu Painter, a renowned Japanese illustration character ” ugly pen head ” name of the painter Shunroku Hyo, sweet healing Is illustrator Kanahei and line original stickers character banana, Hong Kong light colored illustrator Chan Shun Kang…. Et Al, the competitive yachtsmen whirlwind creative cage, give you unprecedented sensory vision.
Hereby sincerely invite you to participate together in this across the whole of Asia illustration feast.