Charity Feature Wall

In support of the Woodbridge Hospital Charity Fund (WHCF)

The aim of our Charity Feature Wall is to give an opportunity to all artists to showcase their works within the fair, and at the same time give something back to charity. The title for this year’s showcase will be ‘Let Art Speak’, and will exhibit works of various mediums, styles and expressions, and allow the artworks to speak for themselves!

All works will be priced at $500, and 50% of the monies raised will go towards supporting this year’s Charity Partner, the Woodbridge Hospital Charity Fund (WHCF). The remaining 50% of artwork sales will go back to the artists involved. Funds raised from the Affordable Art Fair Spring Charity Feature Wall will enable WHCF to introduce art therapy to more patients, as well as provide more art outreach to increase awareness of mental health issues to youths through its CHAT and EPIP programmes. Affordable Art Fair is delighted to be supporting WHCF in reaching this goal.